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Myofascial Therapist Serving Poulsbo, WA

A Myofascial therapist known in Poulsbo, WA

John Barnes Myofascial Release is a comprehensive approach that addresses the whole person- body and mind.  The techniques are highly effective at reducing pain and improving function, encouraging health and well-being. People of all ages and abilities, from disabled to competitive athlete can benefit from myofascial release. I have taken and repeated John's coursework and have studied with him directly. I have 20 years experience with this style of fascial work.

What can you expect from Myofascial Release?


Patients may feel a lengthening or softening of their tissue. They may also experience emotions or memories associated with the long-held patterns of tension. They may begin to move into positions to facilitate the stretch or to reach a position that helps them process and let go of the emotion and the beliefs associated with the fascial restriction. Often, patients feel good or great after a session, but they may also feel sore, pain in different locations, or even like they have the flu as the body reorganizes and releases the long held toxins that were locked in their bodies. These are all normal responses and with patience and courage, patients learn to live fully in their bodies with less pain and better function.

Anti-Inflammatory benefits

Myofascial Release techniques use sustained pressure and/or stretch of 3 to 5 minutes. Now, science is elucidating one reason for MFR’s profound effectiveness. Sustained pressure of 3 minutes has been shown to stimulate production of interleukin, an essential protein for healing. Sustained pressure of 5 minutes doubles the interleukin production! Interleukins neutralize free radicals and stimulate cell production. Previously, the only documented non-chemical anti-inflammatory was soft laser. Now, research validates MFR’s effectiveness at resolving inflammation!

Phase Transition and the Piezoelectric effect:


The piezoelectric effect described what happens when a crystal experiences pressure, it produces electricity. Fascia can be described as liquid crystalline matrix. The piezoelectric effect causes ground substance in the fascia to “melt” through phase change. The “melting” allows the fascia to elongate and open up and reduces pressure on pain sensitive tissue. This opens up channels of communication because fascia is a conductive tissue for vibration and electrons (sub atomic particles in wave form) and is vital for communication throughout the body.

Carol Davis, DPT, EdD, MS, FAPTAde

“What makes sustained Myofascial Release unique is that authentic change in the body is mediated through treating the essence of the fascial matrix giving close attention to the flow of the release through hands-on pressure and stretch.”

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