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Visceral Manipulation

Visceral Manipulation was developed by Jean-Pierre Barral, D.O, P.T.  Visceral Manipulation is a system of evaluation and treatment of the organs themselves, as well as how they relate to other anatomical structures.  The techniques use gentle manual forces to facilitate the restoration of organ mobility and function as well as impact orthopedic structures via direct fascial connections.

Heather has over 440 hours of training in visceral manipulation and has completed the entire curriculum. Work with the viscera is often the key to addressing pain of the back, pelvis, hip, neck, and shoulder pain as well as other orthopedic symptoms.  


Barral, Jean-Pierre and Mercier, Pierre.  Visceral Manipulation,Second Edition   Seattle: Eastland Press, Inc. 2005. p. 75.

Quotes by Jean-Pierre Barral:


"When structure can no longer be mobilized, when fibrous tissues replace elastic tissues,when arteries, nerves or lymphatics are trapped in a stranglehold, then illness appears." 

"Let the body speak."


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