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As with all conditions, John Barnes Myofascial Release ™ is the foundation of my treatments. An initial assessment will include:

  • Postural assessment and training

  • Assessment and treatment of myofascial restrictions, structural malalignments of the pelvis, spine and back, and trigger points with patient taught self treatment techniques

  • Assessment and treatment of pelvic hyper or hypo onicity

  • Assessment of autonomic nervous system balance via hand temperature biofeedback followed by inteventions such as breathing techniques, Jacobson relaxation exercises, and hand warming visualizations to normalize balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

  • Referral to physicians to address medical factors such as hormonal, thyroid and blood sugar imbalances.

  • Referral to mental health professionals to address counseling needs.Recommendations for maintenance self care program and self treatment tools to facilitate gains made in clinic.

Continuing Education Includes 


  1. Washington Physical Therapy Conference 2016 Pelvic Floor Class

  2. Prometheus Biofeedback, Pelvic Pain and Incontinence courses offered by Janet Hulme

  3. John Barnes Women’s Health Myofascial Release

  4. Barral Institute Urogenital assessment and treatment course

  5. Pilates for Physical Therapists

  6. Member of APTA Women’s Health Specialty


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