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1. Please refrain from applying lotions or oils to your skin as this renders myofascial techniques less effective. Please refrain from perfume or cologne use.

2. For the postural assessment and many treatment techniques, it is best for the client to wear shorts and a tank top, or their undergarmets.  

3. Please complete intake and policy paperwork prior to first visit.  These will be sent to you when you schedule your first appointment.

4. Accepting payment via cash, credit or checks.  Rates are $150 per hour, $175 per 90 minutes and $225 per 120 minutes. New patient initial assessments are $ 190.  A 3% charge is applied to credit card payments.  Payment is due at the start of your visit. 

5. Special packages for those committed to their healing journey

     A. Six hours for $ 700 ($ 116.66 per hour)

     B. Eight 90 minute sessions for $1100 (averages $ 91.67 per              hour)

6. One Year Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy for $ 2500


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